Fall Leadership Conference

The annual Fall Leadership Conferences provide

  • a fun and engaging motivational speaker
  • two 50 minute leadership skill building sessions of your choice
  • positive interaction with other attendees
  • great raffles and breakfast and lunch.

Learning Goals of attending the Fall Leadership Conference:

  1. Participants will identify and feel empowered to act on their leadership strengths and address areas of development.
  2. Participants will recognize the importance of communication skills through experiencing and exercising effective communication.
  3. Participants will characterize and build upon their personal leadership style.   

What a great way to spend a Saturday!

Fall Leadership Conference 2019

2019 Keynote Speaker:  Alex Weber with "Lessons from a Life of Pursuit"

Alex Weber

2019 Break-out session hosts and titles included:

  • Senior Associate, PMP, of International Tech Security Firm with Selfless Leadership
  • Higher Education Professional with The Quiet Achiever: How to Thrive as an Introverted Leader
  • Media Consultant with It Just Got Real: 5 Critical Lessons in Leadership
  • Entrepreneur and Mindfulness Trainer with The Power of Being Present In Leadership
  • Johns Hopkins University Lecturer and consultant with Challenging the Process
  • Career and Life Coach with Leadership and Diversity in the Workplace

Fall Leadership Conference 2018

2018 Keynote Speaker: Justin Jones-Fosu with “Your Why Matters Now".


2018 Break-out session hosts and titles included:

  • Career and Life Coach with Managing the Self to Effectively Lead Others
  • Sports Psychologist with Positive Leadership
  • County Education Director with Making Movement through Mentorship
  • Atlantic Institute event planner with Cultivating a Diverse team
  • United Nations Association of the USA collegiate Chapter President with The Leader In You
  • Dale Carnegie SC Performance Improvement Executive with Own the Room: Network like a Pro

Fall Leadership Conference 2017

2017 Keynote Speaker: Hilary Corna from hilarycorna.com


2017 Break-out session hosts and titles included:

  • Youth Engagement Manager at the United Nations Association USA with Global goals. Local leaders.
  • Associate at Booz, Allen, Hamilton and TedX Charleston professional with Talk Like Ted: The Secrets to a Ted-worthy Talk. 
  • Professional speaker and CofC Alum with Where’s YOUR leadership voice? 
  • Executive Career Coach with Maintaining Your Momentum to Achieve Your Goals.
  • Project Manager, EnvisionSC; Achievement Consulting LLC with The Only Thing You Have is Now

Fall Leadership Conference 2016

2016 Keynote Speaker: Hoan Do from http://hoando.com/                     

Hoan Do

2016 Break out hosts and titles included:

  • Higher education professional with Leadership style and the campus community
  • Author and sports psychologist with The Importance of Self Awareness in Developing Your Strengths
  • Upward Bound Programs Director with Dissecting Cultural Entitlement and Privilege as a Pathway to Quality Leadership
  • Higher education professor with Leading with Purpose
  • Higher education professional in Civic Engagement with Bridging the Gap Between Service, Activism, and Politics
  • Professional speaker and CofC Alum with Where's YOUR Leadership Voice?