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Cougar Excursion

 Aug. 18th-20th at Seabrook Island’s Camp St. Christopher with campus move-in on Aug. 17th.

Space is limited. Register now. Registration ends July 25th.

 Registration costs $225 for conference site lodging, activity fees, transportation and meals.
In addition, there will be a charge for three nights of Campus Housing fees for early move-in**. See below.

**To note: Campus Housing rates are between $21.00 - $47.00 per person per night for early move in. (Early move in dates are August 17th, 18th and 19th). This billing is separate from the registration fee. Early move in fees will be posted to the student's eBill account. If you have questions about the early move in fee, please contact Campus Housing at or 843 953-5523.

Additional info about Cougar Excursion will be posted on our website as the date gets closer.

CE Maroon Group 2015

Cougar Excursion (CE) is an interactive program specifically designed to increase new, freshmen students’ campus knowledge and facilitate a sense of community that is the foundation of a successful first-year student at the College. Through this unique experience, natural leadership ability begins to transform into skills that are pivotal to mastering the freshman year and beyond.

Camp St. Christopher: Where it all happens!

Camp St. Christopher is located on beautiful Seabrook Island, with the beach only a few feet away. For specific information please feel free to visit their website.

CE Participants in the field

Perks of Participating:

  • Move your belongings into your residence hall early!
  • Form friendships and acquaintances before the semester starts.
  • Know more about CofC when school starts than the average incoming student. 

Activities at Cougar Excursion include:

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  • Mingling with first-year students, as well as upperclassmen.
  • Learning about the legends and traditions of the College.
  • Discovering ways to become involved in on-campus activities.
  • Participating in leadership group initiatives and activities.
  • Developing leadership skills and strategies that will ensure a positive and productive first-year experience.  
Quotes from Past Participants:

“Cougar Excursion is a great way to meet people and make friends.”
“It allowed me to gain new perspectives."
“The discussions with facilitators were very helpful because they have experience.”
“I highly doubt any of us would have connected so well in only two days had we just been on campus.”
“I feel better having talked to students involved in groups I am highly interested in pursuing.”
“It really showed me what the CofC attitude is.”
“It was an invaluable experience to get a leg up.”
“It was super fun!”
“Great experience! Amazing! You will have a blast!” 

"Leaders do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, whether they want to do it or not, without being asked."